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Concluding the year in gratitude 💜🌈✨

Today, I see lots of folks posting their yearly recaps on social media. Our camera rolls are filled to the brim with lovely memories of times spent with family and friends. We give thanks, this time of year, for all the beautiful experiences we’ve had, the way we’ve navigated difficult times with loving patience, the abundant love we’re surrounded by, and our ability to find silver linings in all of the things. May our attitude always be GRATITUDE!! It would be easy to allow the difficulty of 2022 to weigh us down, hold us back, and make us bitter, but that doesn’t serve us. Sure, we’ve had our moments of great sorrow, days of extreme difficulty, and bouts of fear of the unknown. We’ve allowed ourselves the opportunity to grieve and given ourselves grace when we’ve acted out of anger or stress. Something I learned in 2019, when our landlord finally found a buyer for her property, on which our brick and mortar store sat, was that holding onto something that isn’t meant to be forever is just signing myself up for sorrow, and our real power lies in our ability to GO WITH THE FLOW!  At that time, my dad’s dementia was progressing to the point of him no longer enjoying or being well-suited for the shop life. Then pandemic life began at the beginning of 2020. I’m so thankful we weren’t obligated to pay shop overhead during lockdown and tight budgets for most!
So we’re GOING, we’re FLOWING and we continue GROWING, with or without KNOWING what lies beyond the SOWING. We sow figurative seeds of love and literal seeds of vegetables. We invest much of our time and our effort into our children and try our best to be present with them. We appreciate how much our customers invest in our family business so that we can continue living the life of our dreams. Thank you all, from the purest parts of our hearts.